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NBE is a leading industry authority on all aspects of moving and handling. NBE is about relationships. Our strength comes from our membership. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the industry, it doesn't matter, all are welcome. You will be joining an engaging and supportive community.

  • NBE Group Membership
    12 months
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    Group membership has been designed to support the needs of companies and organisations that pay for a number of NBE memberships on behalf of their employees.

    Here is how it works vs existing individual membership.

    Individual memberships are 'owned' by the individual, regardless of who pays the membership fee. Many individual membership fees are paid for by the individual's employer. If that individual leaves their post, the individual takes their membership with them to their new employer. The original employer must then purchase another membership for any new/replacement employees.

    Group memberships are 'owned' by the employer. The employer purchases several memberships in bulk and allocates each of their memberships to their employees. If one of these employees leave their post, the membership remains with the purchasing organisation and is re-allocated to another employee. If you have membership as part of a Group membership, you still have all the same great benefits as individual membership!

    Individual membership renewal dates may be scattered throughout the year. The Group Membership renewal date is on the same date. This makes for easier planning, plus saves the Finance departments some extra work!

    The minimum number of members is 5 for a group membership with a maximum of 50 members allowed per group membership. The cost is £55.00 per individual member in the group.